2023-2024 Academic Year Spring Semester Registration Renewal Announcement (International)

January 9, 2024


Dear Parent / Student,
Payments for the Spring semester for the 2023-2024 Academic Year will begin on Tuesday, January 9 and end on Friday, January 26, 2024 (including Friday). In order to register for the semester, the payment process must be completed as follows.

Payment Procedure:

  • Students who are in their first 7 semesters are required to pay the full semester fee in order to enroll in courses.
  • In the 8th semester, students who have less credits to complete than the normal course load (as defined below) will be able to pay and take courses according to the credit load they plan to enroll in. (Students in their 8th semester, who have equal to or more credits than the normal course load remaining, will pay the full term fee as stated in the first article.)
  • Students who are in the 9th semester and or beyond will be able to pay and take courses according to the credit load they plan to enroll in.
  • The periods mentioned above will be considered from the end of the English Language Center (ELC) program period.
  • Students transitioning to the 8th semester of their careers in all faculties other than the Faculty of Medicine are required to pay the full semester tuition fee as long as their Fall ’23 semester course grades have not been determined. Following the announcements of the grades, if the student’s status turns into a student who can make the payment according to the number of courses they wish to take (course-based), a refund can be requested for the overpayment as of February 21, 2024 via the following link Finance Trackit – Jira Service Management (atlassian.net)
  • The tuition fees for the Spring semester of the 2023-2024 academic year are listed below according to the scholarship rates and the undergraduate programs. It is not possible to pay the tuition fees via direct bank transfer.
  • Payments can only be made online through the Param payment system using the link bellow: KOÇ ÜNİVERSİTESİ /DÖVİZ POS TAHSİLAT SİSTEMİ (param.com.tr)
  • Students must enter their 5-digit KU ID number to make the payment, In case of facing an error during the payment procedure, you can take a screenshot and email it to studentaccounting@ku.edu.tr


Fees for the Spring 2024 Semester:

                                                      School of Medicine
Scholarship Rate 25% 50% 75%

Full Tuition

Tuition Fee- Spring Semester 11.062,50 7.375,00 3.687,50



All Colleges except School of Medicine

Scholarship Rate


50% 75%

Full Tuition

Tuition Fee- Spring Semester 8.062,50 5.375,00 2.687,50


Students who fail to make payment in compliance with these procedures will not be able to enroll.

Tuition fees are the same for all undergraduate programs at Koç University, excluding the Faculty of Medicine.

Note: If two or more siblings meet the condition of studying at Koç University at the same time, a 5% discount is applied to both of the students tuition fees (Family Allowance, Sibiling Discount)
If you have a scholarship or discount, please click to calculate the tuition fee you have to pay according to your entry year.


Contact Details:

For any questions, you can contact the people listed bellow from the Financial Affairs Directorate during working hours (08:30-16:30) on weekdays or visit our Frequently Asked Questions | Koç University (ku.edu.tr) web page. You can also create your requests according to the relevant topics by logging in with your KU ID and password on the Finance-Trackit portal on the trackit.ku.edu.tr website. Requests on the Track-it portal will be answered faster as they are addressed directly to our team.

You can also visit our office if needed or reserve an online meeting with our staff by booking a rendezvous through the following link: KU-Calendar-Öğrenci Ekibi (office365.com)

Phone: 0 212 338 30 30
Mail: studentaccounting@ku.edu.tr

Ömer Ömür Türkoğlu
Murat Şahin
Pırlanta Gelani
Onur Demir

Best Regards,
Financial Affairs Directorate